Full Access Cardiac Monitoring

with VitalPatch® RTM

VitalConnect offers the only Cardiac Monitoring Technology that sends ALL patient data
instantaneously to a secure cloud, enabling monitoring for 21 different cardiac arrhythmias and
real-time monitoring for 4 important patient vitals.



Anytime, Anywhere Access

Full Disclosure at your Fingertips

With VitalConnect’s cardiac monitoring technology,
providers have 24/7 access to real-time and historic patient data
through a secure URL.

More Data. Better Insight.

Single-lead ECG

Heart Rate

Heart Rate



VitalConnect provides a more complete picture of a patient’s condition by monitoring and detecting for 21 unique arrhythmias*
and capturing four vital signs

*Proprietary third-party artificial intelligence (AI) software detects 21 unique cardiac arrhythmias.

Less Noise, More Clarity

The VitalCore processor & integrated ASIC chip create a hospital-grade,
high-fidelity ECG with unmatched P-wave clarity

Need for Speed

With cloud-based capture, VitalConnect eliminates the need to ship back the biosensor
for creation of the final diagnostic report, providing you with your patient’s
results several days sooner compared to other providers

Extended Holter NOW

Extended Holter NOW is a first-of-its-kind option which provides an
interim diagnostic report after 5 days of patient monitoring

Streamlined Diagnostic Report

The final diagnostic report and analysis is streamlined with enhanced features, providing you with the information needed to treat your patients

Best-in-class Wearable

VitalPatch RTM allows patients to go about their normal daily routine,
optimizing compliance over the monitoring period

Easy to Apply

VitalPatch® RTM requires no assembly or charging, and the device is fully disposable

Staying Power

Medical-grade, hypoallergenic adhesive maintains placement while minimizing the risk for irritation

Built for Comfort

Lightweight (13 grams), slim, and flexible design makes wearing a VitalPatch® RTM a breeze.


With IPX7 water-resistance, patients have the freedom to go about their normal daily activities