Combat COVID-19
with the VitalConnect Solution

Remote patient monitoring with VitalPatch®

Combat COVID-19
with the VitalConnect Solution

Remote patient monitoring with VitalPatch®


The spread of COVID-19 is putting a strain on health systems around the world.
The VitalConnect Solution is a powerful and scalable technology that can help
healthcare systems meet this surge in demand.

Why the VitalConnect Solution?

In the Hospital

Non-critical patients who require hospitalization can be continuously monitored in real-time. Customized alerts can bring attention to changes in a patient’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and body temperature. With a central monitoring hub, caregivers can effectively reduce interactions with patients and deliver a high level of care.

Patient-Centric Design

VitalPatch is comfortable to wear, lasting up to seven days. In combination with VitalConnect’s VistaTablet, the state-of-the-art system captures eleven physiological measurements, continuously and in real time, including body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. Optional third-party devices measure oxygen saturation and blood pressure.

At-Home Monitoring

Patients with mild symptoms can recover at home, freeing up critical space in hospitals for patients who need it. As patients recover remotely, healthcare providers can closely monitor their patients and identify individuals showing more significant COVID-19 symptoms. The VistaCenter dashboard provides realtime data for all patients being monitored, and can be securely accessed from any computer or mobile device.

The VitalConnect Solution provides continuous monitoring for patients in hospitals and homes.

  • User-friendly interface from a web-enabled device
  • Real-time & historical data accessible with one click
  • Intuitive patient management with customized notifications
  • Wireless wearable biosensor for maximum patient comfort
  • Mobile tablet relay so the patient can be connected anytime, anywhere

Ready to combat COVID-19 with the VitalConnect Solution?