Patient Enrollment

Cardiac Service

Important: The Google forms for patient intake are no longer accessible.

Refer to the Intake Instructions below for more information on using VistaCenter to perform patient intake.

Starting with VistaCenter 3.2.2, patient intake, patient management, and report viewing/delivery will be performed directly within VistaCenter. The previous Google intake forms will no longer be used.

Follow the instructions below to configure VistaCenter for performing patient intake and report management.

If you have questions or need assistance with patient intake in VistaCenter, please let us know at or 1-800-219-3000. If you need help logging on to VistaCenter, contact your local VitalConnect sales representative.

Step 1: Manage Users


Log on to VistaCenter and select Menu > Manage Users. Every clinician who will perform patient intake or will review reports must have an account.

Click here to learn more about managing users.

Step 2: Set Report Delivery Preferences


Select Menu > Manage Report Delivery Preferences. Configure one or multiple preference sets. Each preference set defines the clinicians who will receive reports, how to notify when reports are ready (email, fax, and/or text message), and when to send notifications. You can even customize MCT criteria for specific event types.

Click here to learn more about Report Delivery Preferences.

Step 3: Perform Patient Intake


Select Menu > Patient Intake. Specify Extended Holter (EH) or Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) monitoring, patient demographics, insurance information, and other prescription details. Specify the Report Delivery Preferences you configured in the previous step.

Click here to learn more about the VistaCenter patient intake form.

Step 4: Manage Patients


Select  Menu > Patient Census. View all of your currently monitored patients in this panel, with monitoring type, expected completion date, and other details. Customize the view to suit your needs. View historical and live data, and see the available reports for each patient.

Click here to learn more about the Patient Census.

Step 5: View Reports


Select  Menu > Patient Reports. View, download, print, and sign end-of-service, MCT event, vital sign, and other reports here. Optionally, add notes or agree with findings.

Click here to learn more about managing patient reports.



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