The Future of Patient Monitoring

with VitalPatch®

The VitalConnect Solution is an end-to-end remote patient monitoring solution that enables constant and unprecedented insight into patient health.

Key features:

  • Monitors 11 measurements in real-time with customizable alerts
  • Calculates an EWS score for early risk assessment
  • Scalable and accessible for all
  • Truly wireless, lightweight and comfortable
Hospital Monitoring
Chronic Disease
Clinical Trials
Hospital at Home


VitalPatch monitors a total of eight vital signs:
Single-Lead ECG
Heart Rate
Heart Rate Variability
Respiratory Rate
Body Temperature
Body Posture
Fall Detection
Blood Pressure*
Oxygen Saturation*

*Third Party Devices


  • Class 2 device – Cleared for home & hospital use
  • Single Use and Fully Disposable – Preferred by caregivers to minimize infection
  • Seven-day wear duration (168 hours) – No charging required
  • Live, Stored and Continuous data – Real-time vitals, 10 hours of storage on biosensor

Form Factor

  • Wireless and wearable – Freedom of movement for patient, ease of use for clinician
  • Smallest and lightest biosensor available – 11 grams, about the weight of two nickels.
  • Water Resistant – Allows bathing and normal activities while wearing
  • Multiple placement positions for patient comfort – Important in remote monitoring

Data Breadth & Quality

  • Breadth of Measurements – 8 measurements in one device, including live ECG
  • Fall Detection for ambulatory patients – Additional safety during patient recovery
  • Minimized motion artifacts with proprietary algorithms – High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Raw Data from Sensors available – Allows deep data analysis as needed
  • Proprietary VitalCore Microprocessor – Optimized for vital sign monitoring

Scalable and Accessible

The VistaCenter™ application allows you to monitor multiple patients simultaneously for  care prioritization early warning score, and fall detection.

Why the VistaCenter™?

  • Monitor multiple patients and care centers from one location
  • Fits into existing infrastructure
  • Low investment platform
  • 67% lower median cost for acute care plus 30-day post discharge period
  • Affordable monitoring for all patients

Continuous monitoring improves patient oversight beyond routine spot checks and enables hospital staff to provide better care and faster intervention. Caregivers can assess real-time patient status, as well as review vital sign trends.

The seamless integration of actionable data to a user-friendly interface leads to timely analysis and empowers clinicians to intervene if necessary, helping save lives, while also saving time and money.

How it Works

Improving Patient Care

Anytime, Anywhere

Continuous, real-time vitals enable constant and unprecedented insight into patient health, in the hospital, or recovering at home.

Proactive monitoring
Critical oversight between spot checks
Fewer readmissions (11% vs. 36%)2
Patients are more physically active (209 vs 78 median minutes)2
Continuous monitoring and analytics

Data Driven Care

The VitalConnect Solution™ platform brings data driven care up to date with personalized medicine.

With the Smart Notifications Suite (heart rate, respiration rate, vital sign max/min combinations, fall detection), a patient’s clinical condition is known in real time, and early intervention saves lives.

Integrated, actionable analytics
Smart notifications suite
Historical data for accurate diagnosis
Early Warning Score
Easily customizable
Mobile platform

Monitoring Advancements

that Benefit Everyone

The VitalConnect Solution™ platform changes the way we think about
health care and life-saving intervention.


  • Improving population health
  • Improving the work life of health care providers
  • Lowering investments in monitoring
  • Median care costs reduced by 52%


  • Empowered with data
  • Focus on saving and improving lives
  • Enabling faster recoveries and better outcomes
  • Not guessing or operating through trial-error


  • Released sooner from the hospital
  • Comfortable and confident
  • Free from wires and constant interruptions
  • Given targeted and personalized care