VitalConnect hits it stride


‘Technologies available today are finally making true home health care possible’

SAN JOSE, Calif. – VitalConnect is rolling out its Vista Solution remote patient monitoring platform at Mercy Virtual and Mercy Hospital St. Louis, with plans to implement the technology at additional hospitals within the health system.

“This is a huge step in providing high-quality care both in and outside of the hospital,” said Nersi Nazari, CEO of VitalConnect.

The Vista Solution platform continuously monitors and displays real-time vital sign data, out-of-range notifications and historical data to health care providers. It works with the VitalPatch biosensor, a bandage-sized device worn by the patient that allows wireless health monitoring.

Nazari said the time is right for technology like VitalConnect’s.

“Home health care has not been reasonably scalable with modern day medicine until now,” he said. “Technologies available today are finally making true home health care possible in an economical way.”

A recent randomized study from Brigham & Women’s Hospital using the VitalPatch biosensor found a 52% reduction in the acute-care episode of care, including 30 days post-discharge, and a 67% reduction in total costs.

“This trend of lowering costs, while providing quality alternatives to expensive hospital care, is important for the health care industry at large and will help drive the largest shift that we have seen in decades,” said Nazari. “Devices that can passively collect data and monitor a patient while they rest and recover are critical to delivering this care, as well as keeping costs down.”

With the remote patient monitoring market estimated to be worth $15 billion and expected to double in the next five years, Nazari said the type of monitoring that VitalConnect offers will increasingly become the standard of care.

“We are seeing innovative health care systems adopt these cutting-edge monitoring technologies and they will pave the way for the rest of the country,” he said.


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