The VitalPatch Helps Doctors Track Inpatient and Outpatient Vitals

By: Joey Haar

Wearable technology is a great way for doctors to get more holistic data on patients’ day-to-day lives, but the VitalPatch from VitalConnect helps to address one of the biggest problems that comes with the wearable health market today.

Wearables, whether for health, fitness, or simply as fun gadgets, are still relatively expensive. Even low-end wearables can be outside many people’s price points, and that problem is only exacerbated when the person in question is also dealing with the costs of an illness, injury, or condition. The VitalPatch is a disposable, Band-Aid-sized biosensor that’s far more affordable and versatile than the average wearable, and it provides doctors with all the data they need, including heart rate, single lead ECG, heart rate variability, respiration, and even fall detection.

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